The Finnish workshop

Thu, 2 December 2021
In the latter stages of the project, workshops at the demosites are planned.
The Finnish workshop will be held on 18.01.2022. 
The workshops aim to disseminate the results and best practices and train the national stakeholders interested in the innovative renovation approaches performed by the project in the respective demonstration sites, i.e. real estate clients, public authorities, and professionals from all disciplines (architects, structural and HVAC engineers, construction firms –involving both white- and blue-collar workers) and the external advisory board.
Tool developers, Finnish pilot site stakeholders, communication experts, exploitation experts and project advisory board members will be present in the workshop.
The presentations and tool demonstration were delivered by the tool developers and site responsible before the workshop.
During the Finnish workshop the partner will present how the tools were used in the pilot (BIMMS, Fast Mapping, BIMPlanner, BIMeaser), will collect feedback from different stakeholders, and prepare future exploitation: discuss about the feedback and brainstorming with them could develop some integration.

The registration form for the Finnish workshop is available HERE

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