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Wed, 27 January 2021
Today, the construction industry is responsible for approximately 40% of final energy consumption and generates 36% of greenhouse gases in Europe. Decarbonising the building stock is key for a low-carbon, climate-resilient future. A more sustainable construction sector requires a closer integration of ICT based tools. In this context, SPHERE is developing a unique, synchronized Building-centred Digital Twin environment based on Platform as a Service (PaaS). This will allow for the vertical integration of the processes’ involving its design, manufacturing, construction and operation. During any phase of the building’s lifecycle, different stakeholder will be able to interact with this Digital Twin model, based onthe building’s information and a scalable set of different software tools such as energy demand/performance simulation tools, Decision Support and Coaching Systems, BEMs or IoT enabled Predictive Maintenance Algorithms. SPHERE and its Digital Twin environment, by twinning the virtual information with the reality, will help significantly in decision-making during each phase of the whole building’s lifespan, increase collaboration and reduce inefficiencies, while improving the energy efficiency and reducing time and costs.


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