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Our Partner UCC

Wed, 25 March 2020
University College Cork (UCC) was founded in 1845 as the Constituent university of the National University of Ireland.
UCC provides internationally recognised degrees and distinguished graduates. Currently 20,000+ national and international students from over 100 countries across the world are studying in UCC. They are taught by leading academics knowledgeable in their field, approximately 93% of these undergraduates will continue to employment or further education.
Moreover, UCC is leading research university which is at the forefront of Ireland’s knowledge economy. It is ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide. 

Within the scope of the BIM4EEB research Project, UCC is contributing with state-of-the-art knowledge and research expertise from the academics presented below. They are representing School of Engineering (which is a part of the College of Science, Engineering and Food Science) and the International Energy Research Centre (IERC), which is an industry-led collaborative research centre in the field of integrated sustainable energy systems, based within Tyndall National Institute in Cork.
The group of researchers of UCC working at BIM4EEB is composed of:

1.Dr. Dominic O’Sullivan is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, UCC. He is the Director of the Intelligent Efficiency Research Group (IERG) an award-winning team of PhD and Masters Researchers. IERG focuses on improving energy efficiency in industry and buildings through the use of advanced analytics and automation systems. Dr. Dominic O’Sullivan works with National and International Energy Agencies and is a representative on Ireland's Energy Standards Consultative Committee.

2. Dr. Andriy Hryshchenko is a postdoctoral researcher with over 10 years’ experience implementing successful programs and solutions incorporating a wide variety of technologies and applications. His has expertise in “IT in Architecture, Engineering and Construction” area with emphasis on energy performance evaluation and continual commissioning within ongoing operational facilities’ management. Dr. Hryshchenko has solid international research record with number of scientific projects related to BIM, energy and utilities management. This is exemplified by publications in multiple books, journals and conference proceedings. He is natural motivator solving complex problems and achieving business and project goals while being able to multitask.

3. Brian O'Regan, MEngSc, is a Senior Research Engineer from the International Energy Research Centre, Tyndall National Institute, UCC. Brian is head of the Software for Innovative Energy Research Application (SIERRA) Group, whose primary aim is to deliver intuitive transparent software applications that contribute to the digitalisation of the energy sector and promote the use of software in efficient management of energy processes. He is Principal Investigator of the Cooperative Energy Trading System (CENTS) Project, which will provide a mechanism for trading of electricity from renewable energy sources using blockchain. In addition, he is the IERC lead of the BIM4EEB H2020 Project and Irish co-lead on the Users Global Observatory on Peer-to-Peer, Community Self Consumption and Transactive Energy Models.

In order to speed data gathering and processing in BIM4EEB project we are working mostly at the HVAC-related tools development, as well as contributing to all other works.  In our work we are developing novel tools for evaluating alternative renovation scenarios, not only in terms of materials but also with regards to the design and sizing of technical systems (e.g. HVAC), mainly to address energy behaviour profiles and comfort preferences, tools for making data gathering and processing faster in different stages of the renovation process.
Applying these newly developed methodologies and tools, renovation processes will be faster as decisions will be based on the actual data hence the process will be carried out with reduced variations and lower costs. Substantial efficiency gains are expected from this approach to analysing data from different perspectives, so the BIM4EEB project will benefit and expedite decision-making for different renovation scenarios.

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