Our Partner, One Team

Thu, 5 March 2020
a leading company in consulting, software solution development and system integration in design and construction process, focused both in Architecture, Construction and Manufacturing market. One Team works with institutions, in research project and with customers.
In bim4eeb project I am leading design and development activities related to the new BIM Management System (BIMMS). My duties are involved with several activities such as those for Project Management tasks and the coordination of One Team technical team both in analysis and the development of the new system and its functionalities.
In bim4eeb project, One Team is engaged as technical partner mainly for BIMMS development, working with all partners in ontology data model definition and tool integration with BIMMS. The BIM model and Ontologies are the key components of the new bim4eeb approach to the common data environment definition. One Team tasks aim to build an open platform to store and link data in order to give a complete semantic access to information. BIM Models are the pivot points for all information and ontology-based access; BIMMS pays particular attention on interoperability both with inside the project tools and future integration on third party application.
The main tasks consist of the system development and the interoperability and integration of the entire BIM Toolkit. The entire system architecture will be based on innovative approaches i.e., semantic web and linked data technologies and a part this task will be leaded by Politecnico di Milano for the overall BIMMS analysis and Users profile access to the system. Task deliverables will be based on previous WPs results and will be the basis for BIMMS design and development activities.
We are developer of the central platform as a Common Data Environment able to store and distribute models, data, information in an open and interoperable environment, based on Linked Data, Ontologies and Services structured on REST and SPQRQL endpoints.
Also will implement a complete BIMMS web application to access and manage data. Moreover, BIMMS will be extended with an open interface software layer based on services and a set of APIs dedicated to tools and application integration.
One of our tasks will also provide deliverables related to final version of the BIMMS, including Test activities reports, guidelines of implementation, Technical and architectural documentation.
The main result expected from this work package is the creation of a new system that allows the use of an innovative methodology for data management and distribution in the construction and renovation process. This new approach will be based on an ontological system integrated with BIM Project overcoming the classical BIM platform capabilities. Indeed, the power of semantic reasoning and ontological connection will improve the decision support functionalities available for the stakeholders and system tools.
On February 12th, during the General Assembly in Dresden, we presented the first beta version of BIMMS with main functionalities already available such as user access and profiling, resource management, BIM models managements, GIS integration, ontology integration for Linked data. These have been delivered as first release of the new system together with first release of APIs, REST and SPARQL endpoints for testing purpose. Next challenge will be the integration of tools developed by other partners.
The GA in Dresden has been an extraordinary opportunity to define and schedule activities for the next months in order to achieve the first BIMMS test version development by June 2020.

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