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Tue, 13 July 2021
The Finnish demo building is finally confirmed and the renovation activities are planned to start on-site in late September 2021. The apartment building located in Espoo, the capital region of Finland, will receive an energy upgrade in the form of a new exhaust air heat pump with smart automation. Additionally, the BIM4EEB tools applicable for the demo building will be tested during this autumn and setting up a date for laser scanning with RISE’s fast mapping tool is ongoing. The renovation is planned to be finished during November 2021.

On June 11th the Italian demo building hosted a meeting organized to better introduce the Bim4Occupants handbook to tenants, to improve their engagement in the project. In August the first tenants registered to the Bim Management System and consequently to the Bim4Occupants Tool.
To this end, one-to-one meetings were organised with the joined support of ALER, Politecnico di Milano and the remote support of the tool developers.
On this occasion, it was possible not only to thank the users for their participation in the project but also to clarify their last doubts and curiosities. Of no minor importance was the opportunity to experience the first use of the tools by the users and to collect their feedback live. A starter kit, a tool manual, a brochure was shared  and after the meeting the registration of new participant in the experimentation occurred.
New users for Bim4Occupants and BIMMS, two of our BIM tools, started their experience. BIM planner had
Previously planned the windows and doors installation. Through Bim4occupants some tenants asked to re-schedule the installation in their property, according to the specifications of the tool. A new workshop has been planned for September to increase the Renters involvement.

The Polish demo building has been tested for equipment last march. Please follow the demo site here.
  • Finland Demo Case
  • Finland Demo case, west
  • Finland Demo case corner
  • Finland demo case yard
  • Italian demo case: tenants during workshop
  • One of the tenants with the tools
  • Brochure ald leaflet shared by Tenants in Italian Demo Case

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