• From the Coordinator

From the Coordinator

Fri, 20 December 2019

After an initial phase constituted by the investigation of needs and requirements of stakeholders involved in the renovation process (WP2), a set of ontologies has been developed (WP3). At the same time the BIM4EEB project entered a more technical phase in which the specifications of the BIM toolkit have been grown taking into account the stakeholders’ needs.
In particular, the tools that will result by the different work packages are: Fast mapping tool, AR tool, Visualisation tool (from WP5); tool for connecting BIM and BACs, tool for constraint checking BACs and BIM vs building codes, Database management system, Energy refurbishment assessment tool, Occupants' profiling mechanism, Ambient user interfaces (from WP6); Inhabitant’s user interface for renovation operation, Fast track renovation operation (from WP7).
During last months, demo sites have been studied and with the aim of managing and coordinating the toolkit demonstrations on the case studies. A set of sensors to be installed in the demo sites has been defined: this would provide relevant and complementary information by the different case studies. Partners working on it are finalizing the framework of ontologies describing the renovation work processes and managing the exchange of information. This framework includes both existing ontologies and renovation domain specific efforts. Another big work has been done: the BIM Management System is under development. In detail, specifications and overall design of a BIM Management System have already been defined together with the definition of users' profiles for accessing the BIM Management System and the platform schema for visualizing ontologies and querying over data. A draft of the web interface for the BMS has already been developed and it will be improved and implemented in the future months. The platform as a Common Data Environment to support decision making is under development, with a dedicated set of applications using the APIs for the specific tools, to support renovation stages.

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