Wed, 1 July 2020

BIM4Occupants tool is a mobile application that provides residents and/or owners with information related to their building renovation activities performed, as well as with personalised information related to their indoor home conditions, comfort preferences and energy consumption.

The collaborative and user-friendly web-based application consists of two main features; the Occupants 2.0 and the Building 2.0. The first provides access to real time and historical information about indoor and outdoor environment parameters (such as temperature, humidity, Illuminance, indoor air quality), as well as information regarding energy consumption. 

The residents can also provide their feedback regarding their visual and thermal preferences through an easy to understand dashboard. The latter facilitates the communication between the building renovation team and flat residents and/or owners. Notification on going works and Health and Safety instruction can be sent and accessed by the application. 

In addition, residents and/or owners can report any on site hazard, negotiate work schedules with the renovation team as well as update any requested information for a smooth progress of the renovation works.

This tool is available in the BIM4EEB BIMMS.

Please download BIM4Occupants Inhabitant/Owner manuals below.

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